Stress Test

The following statements determine your happiness level, how you handle stress, and if you think negatively. Check off the situations that apply to you and the points will be totalled for you at the bottom of the page.

Q1. I am worried about paying my bills this month. No Yes
Q2. I look at myself in the mirror and think negative        thoughts. No Yes
Q3. I am not content with my body. No Yes
Q4. I almost always fake orgasm. No Yes
Q5. I am lonely. No Yes
Q6. I dislike my job. No Yes
Q7. I like my job but have too much work to do. No Yes
Q8. I like my job, but my boss is too demanding. No Yes
Q9. I am always trying to please everyone. No Yes
Q10. I am exhausted but keep going. No Yes
Q11. Sometimes my stomach feels like it has butterflies. No Yes
Q12. I shop to make myself feel better. No Yes
Q13. I have feelings of guilt or anger. No Yes
Q14. I have feelings of inadequacy (not feeling good enough). No Yes
Q15. I am afraid of failure. No Yes
Q16. I have feelings of anxiety or low moods. No Yes
Q17. I feel trapped or that I can't cope sometimes No Yes
Q18. I crave sugar. No Yes
Q19. I am a single mother/father. No Yes
Q20. I am a university student. No Yes
Q21. I am in an unhappy marriage. No Yes
Q22. I live with an alcoholic or drug abuser. No Yes
Q23. I work shift work. No Yes
Q24. I work too much and don't have enough play time. No Yes
Q25. I get angry with myself. No Yes
Q26. I hold resentment toward my partner. No Yes
Q27. I cannot discuss my sexual desires with my partner. No Yes
Q28. I don't eat regularly (I wait more than four or five hours          between meals). No Yes
Q29. I am sick more than three times a year. No Yes
Q30. I lack sexual desire. No Yes
Q31. I smoke. No Yes
Q32. I drink alcohol more than twice a week. No Yes
Q33. I drink too much caffeine. No Yes
Q34. My family and friends are not supportive of the things I         do. No Yes
Q35. I am tired all the time. No Yes
Q36. I have friends who take but never give. No Yes
Your Score

How Did You Score?
15 or less: The handler - You are handling stress but need to find more balance in your life.
16 to 29: Time for a change - You know you have to make some changes fast. You are at risk of exhaustion.
30 or more: The stress case - You are highly stressed. You need to adopt strategies to reduce your risk of stress-related disease immediately.