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How to Counteract Effects of Morning-After Pill?

Hi Lorna, I have been trying to find information about how to counteract the high dose of synthetic progesterone that is in the morning after pill with natural remedies but have been having a really hard time finding this information. Unfortunately, I have needed to use it once before and experienced very unpleasant side effects - mood swings, increased irritability, poor memory, weight gain, fluid retention, breast enlargement, and insomnia and fatigue that lasted for months. It seemed to take a really long time to get out of my system and it was a very uncomfortable and unpleasant process. I tried using herbal remedies, but had thought at the time that the side effects were a result of excess estrogen, not progesterone, so perhaps I was using the wrong products. What herbal remedies would you recommend to counter-act these side effects and should I be looking for remedies that lower progesterone ? Also, I am considering having a copper IUD put in and wanted to know what your thoughts are - I don't want to take any hormonal contraceptives for obvious reasons and at the same time, need a reliable form of birth control so that this doesn't happen again. Condoms don't seem to be as reliable.


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Posted 1/6/2013 2:56:00 PM

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