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Too much iron

Hi Lorna,

I have had my iron tested a number of times and the results don't show that I am low. I am not certain if all of the proper tests have been done. Acoording to your iron deficiency checklist in the booklet "Smart Solutions for Your Iron Needs", my iron is low. I check off almost the entire list. I find myself getting more tired as time goes on. I am 54 and still have periods with quite a bit of pain and what I consider to be quite heavy for 2 days of each one. I also suffer from chronic constipation even though I eat a reasonably healthy diet. I am a diet and exercise controlled diabetic. I am only 4'11" and weigh about 110. If you can give me any advice regarding these concerns it would be very appreciated. I also wanted to know if it is possible to take too much iron especially since I don't know my levels? Thank you.

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Posted 4/4/2012 2:13:44 PM

Hi Vicki,

It sounds like you may benefit from a few of Lorna's products.

First off, what you need to know is your ferritin levels. Ideally you should be at 70 ug/L. The problem is that you may be at the low end of the "normal" range. In that case your doctor would say you are fine but you could still be suffering. Is it possible for you to get your exact numbers off of your doctor? Yes it is possible for someone to get too much Iron. However, because you are still getting your period, and heavy at that, it is likely you are low. Low iron can actually cause heavier periods. If you feel uncomfortable taking iron before you know your numbers, you could always just take Ironsmart during your period. We lose a lot of iron during our periods and it can be quite difficult to get our levels back up again.

For your constipation you should try Magsmart. Magnesium is very important for muscle health, including that of the colon.

Etsrosmart, 2-4 caps a day will help to easy the pain you feel around your period and lighten your it as well.

Glucosmart is great for diabetics as it helps to balance blood sugar levels. It is also great at reducing belly fat.

Have you had your thyroid checked lately? Do you know your TSH numbers? You want to be above .5 and below 2. The reason I ask is because consitpation, stubborn weight and fatigue can also be a sign of an under active thyroid.

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Posted 4/4/2012 2:41:12 PM. Last edited 4/4/2012 2:42:18 PM

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